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Misbah judge wants to meet mother
Misbah Rana has said she wants to stay in Pakistan
The latest hearing in the custody battle for 12-year-old Misbah Rana has been adjourned because her mother failed to attend court.

Misbah, also know as Molly Campbell, left her home in Lewis in August to be with her father in Pakistan.

A judge in Lahore said he would not proceed until Misbah's mother, Louise Campbell, was present.

Her lawyers said she would travel to Pakistan for the civil hearing, which was adjourned until 17 November.

They said she had not attended Thursday's hearing because she failed to win legal aid.

The judge said that Ms Campbell should either accept the offer of Molly's father, Sajad Ahmed Rana, to pay for the flight or look into the journey being paid for by a non-governmental organisation.

Ms Campbell's lawyers said she would not accept Mr Rana's offer but was open to assistance from Pakistani legal aid organisations.

She has claimed her daughter was removed from the jurisdiction of the Scottish courts illegally after she had been granted interim custody.

'No barrier'

There has also been the suggestion of an out-of-court settlement which could involve Misbah being schooled in Pakistan and spending holidays in Scotland.

Ms Campbell's lawyers said that was something they would be prepared to discuss.

The BBC's Dan Isaacs, who is at the hearing in Lahore, said the case was adjourned for Ms Campbell's lawyer to find out if she was able to go to Pakistan.

He said: "The judge made it absolutely clear that before he made his final ruling he wanted to see her in court and that the financial barrier - the problem of not getting legal aid in Scotland - should be no barrier to her coming [to court]."

Misbah has in the past insisted she travelled to Pakistan voluntarily and wants to stay there to be with her father.

He was granted interim custody of the schoolgirl at a previous hearing but her mother is her legal guardian in Scotland.

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