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Last Updated: Friday, 20 October 2006, 14:23 GMT 15:23 UK
Ageing islander's plea over tolls
Looking up at the Skye Bridge
The tolls were abolished in December 2004
An elderly islander has appealed to a Scottish law lord to clear his name before he dies over his refusal to pay Skye bridge tolls.

Alexander Smith has written to Lord Sutherland asking him to clarify his judgement on an appeal against convictions for non-payment.

Mr Smith, from Skye, said he wanted what had been an unblemished record wiped clean.

Mr Smith wrote that he was approaching his 80th birthday and in poor health.

Tolls abolished

Lord Sutherland's opinion assumes that a proper assignation statement had been made by Scottish ministers permitting the collection of tolls.

However, anti-toll campaigners maintain that this was not the case because the statement was not signed or dated and was not legal.

Mr Smith asks Lord Sutherland to clarify when the assignation statement was made and by whom.

The controversial Skye charges were introduced when it opened in October 1995.

They were abolished by the Scottish Executive in December 2004.

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