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Misbah ordered to stay in Lahore
Misbah Rana said she has asked her mother to drop the case
A civil court in Lahore has ordered that schoolgirl Misbah Rana should not leave its jurisdiction before another hearing next month.

A judge is trying to decide whether the girl's future should be determined by the courts in Pakistan or in Scotland.

Outside court Misbah, who is also known as Molly Campbell, said she wants to stay with her father Sajad Amed Rana.

Her mother and legal guardian Louise Campbell, who lives in the Western Isles, has claimed she was abducted.

The 12-year-old girl said she has asked her mother to let her stay with her father.

She said: "I asked her to drop the case and I said to her if she loves me she'll let me stay.

"I just want my mum to drop the case and let me just stay here and let my dad have custody of me."

Islamic culture

The court has ordered that Mr Rana surrender his daughter's passport.

He was told not to remove the girl outside the court's jurisdiction before the next hearing on 9 October when his lawyer has to submit a reply to Mrs Campbell's petition.

Naheeda Mahboob Elahi, lawyer for Mrs Campbell, said the order was aimed at ensuring the girl was not taken outside Pakistan before the court makes any further decision in the case.

At the hearing, the judge asked lawyers for Misbah's father to present a point by point reply to the legal arguments.

Mr Rana has been given temporary custody of his daughter until 30 September after Mrs Campbell failed to appear for a court hearing in Pakistan.

Misbah/Molly and her father Sajad Amed Rana
Misbah and her father Sajad Amed Rana

Mrs Campbell has already lodged a petition alleging that Molly was illegally taken to Pakistan by her former husband and eldest daughter.

It is understood to have been filed under a judicial protocol between Pakistan and Britain designed to speed up the resolution of child abduction cases.

Misbah's disappearance from her home in Stornoway, on the isle of Lewis, sparked an international police hunt.

Since arriving in Pakistan, Molly has insisted that she wants to remain there, claiming her mother's home had become a "living hell" and that her father's Islamic culture suited her better.

She also signed a statement saying she arrived in Pakistan on 26 August under her own free will.

Police in Scotland say the case could amount to a violation of the Child Abduction Act but officers in Pakistan have no plans to detain or deport the schoolgirl.

Misbah speaks about her fight to stay in Lahore

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