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Custody battle girl goes to court
Molly/Misbah, right, and her older sister Tahmina
Molly, right, with her older sister Tahmina
A 12-year-old girl at the centre of a custody battle has told a court she wants to remain in Pakistan with her father.

Molly Campbell, also known as Misbah Iram Ahmed Rana, went missing from her mother's home in the Hebridean island of Lewis last week.

In court in Lahore, she signed a statement saying she arrived in Pakistan under her own free will.

The judge granted Molly's father temporary custody until Wednesday.

The statement, presented to the court by the family's lawyer Mohammed Basit, said: "I was not kidnapped. I have arrived in Pakistan to live with my father."

The judge, Amir Javed Rana, awarded Molly's father custody until Wednesday, when a hearing will be held to decide guardianship and give time for her Scottish mother to attend.

Media conference

Police investigating the circumstances surrounding her move to Pakistan said they have sent a report to prosecutors.

Northern Constabulary said it had carried out its investigation and a report has been sent to the procurator fiscal at Stornoway.

Molly had been picked up by her 18-year-old sister, Tahmina, and the pair flew to Glasgow from Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. They then flew to Lahore with their father.

Speaking at a media conference in Lahore on Friday, Molly said she had asked Tahmina to take her to Pakistan.

She said: "It was my own choice. I asked my sister if I could go. I went with my sister. I would like to stay in Pakistan with my father and my name isn't Molly, it is Misbah."

Molly Campbell appears with her family in Pakistan

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