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'This has come out of the blue'
Louise Campbell, whose daughter Molly has gone missing from home, has spoken about her heartache. Here is her statement in full.

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We are absolutely devastated by the events of the last few days and we are finding it very difficult to come to terms with what has happened.

"This has come completely out of the blue as Molly seemed to be enjoying life in the Western Isles since we moved here nine months ago.

"Molly is a very friendly, outgoing little girl who makes friends easily.

"When we arrived she went to Laxdale primary school and she settled in well. The children used to ask why she smiled all the time, but that is just the way she is."

"Everyone who meets her takes to her right away as she is very loveable.

"She is quite tomboyish and gets on as well with boys as she does with girls.

'Loves cuddles'

"She loves her bike and often went down to the beach here and brought us back shells and things.

"She loves cuddles and is a very warm child.

"Molly is a very chatty girl and getting her to go to bed was difficult as she would always want to talk away at bedtimes.

"She is a very intelligent girl and always did well at school. Molly said she wants to be a biologist or a lawyer when she grows up.

"When Molly started at the Nicolson Institute she loved it and made friends very quickly.

"She seemed to get on well with the teachers as well.

"I would like to say to Molly that we miss her so much and we beg her to come home to us.

'Huge gap'

"She has to know she is not in any trouble and we are not angry, we just want her home.

"I miss the fun and laughs we used to have when we went on the bus to go in to town shopping.

"We are saving up all her pocket money for her so she can spend it in town when she gets back.

"We would appeal to Molly's father, sister and family to make sure she retunrs to us as her absence has left a huge gap in our lives.

"If there is anyone who can provide police with any information about Molly's whereabouts or her movements since leaving Stornoway on Friday we would urge them to do so as soon as possible.

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