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Minister in health board warning
Raigmore Hospital, Inverness
Raigmore in Inverness is one of the hospitals run by NHS Highland
Health Minister Andy Kerr has warned that he does not want to see any more "nonsense" or "unacceptable behaviour" from Western Isles Health Board.

His comments came as NHS Highland was found to have performed well in its work with patients and the public.

The isles health board faces a period of change following damaging accusations of mismanagement.

Mr Kerr was meeting the board on Tuesday night - a week after he installed a new interim chairman.

Ronnie Cleland's appointment to the board followed the resignation of David Currie.


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Mr Kerr, in Inverness for the first annual review of NHS Highland's performance, said the rest of the isles board had an opportunity to change.

Asked if heads could roll in the next six months - the length of time Mr Cleland and a Scottish Executive-appointed team will be in place for - the minister said: "Well it could be three, could be one, could be 12 months.

"What I would say is my future actions will be determined by their behaviours as individuals and as a collective unit."

He added: "If I see any more of the nonsense that I have seen over the last 12 months, any of the unacceptable behaviour of members over the next 12 months, I will deal with that."

'Good progress'

Meanwhile, a Scottish Health Council review of how well NHS Highland has involved patients and the public was published on Tuesday.

The report found the board had made good progress in setting up a Highland-wide public partnership forum called Highland Health VOICES Network.

There has also been the introduction of a new complaints management policy.

Council director Richard Norris said: "This review of NHS Highland has found that the board is engaging well with its local community, particularly through the development of the Highland Health VOICES Network."

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