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Nevis cable cars 'one of a kind'
Gondola (picture from the Nevis Range website)
Each gondola can accommodate up to six people
The Nevis Range mountain cable car, or gondola, system is the only of its kind in Britain.

It was originally constructed on the mountain of Aonach Mor as a way to transport skiers to the slopes.

The gondola is also widely used as a short-cut by climbers to the many challenging winter routes.

They transport visitors from 300ft up to 2,150ft on the north face of Aonach Mor, the eighth highest mountain in Britain.

The gondolas are also used by sightseers enjoying the spectacular mountain scenery with Ben Nevis as a backdrop.

The journey takes approximately 12 to 15 minutes each way, and each gondola can accommodate up to six people.

The trip gives views of the Scottish Highlands, including the Great Glen, Ben Nevis and surrounding areas.

Closed cabins

On a clear day the view can extend as far as the Inner Hebrides.

The Doppelmayr gondola system is made up of 80 six-seater closed cabins running on a continuous 4.6km steel cable weighing 40 tons.

The cable and gondolas are supported between 18 pylons, two masts, and two drive station structures, each anchored in 200 tonnes of concrete.

The system spans 2.3km of the hillside from the base station at 300ft to the top station at 2,150ft. There are specific ambulance, freight and service gondolas.

The carrying capacity of the gondola system is 1,500 people per hour.

People injured in cable car crash
13 Jul 06 |  Scotland

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