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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 May 2006, 14:03 GMT 15:03 UK
Wader puts walkway out of bounds
The birds usually nest on the coast
A nesting oystercatcher has closed off a path alongside one of NHS Highland's main administration buildings.

The black and white wading bird, which has a distinctive noisy call, has taken it over and is incubating three eggs.

Staff at the John Dewar Building in Inverness have had the path cordoned off until the eggs hatch and fledglings leave the site.

A spokeswoman said workers at the office think their temporary resident is "really cute".

The nest is in the heart of a busy retail and business park on the outskirts of Inverness and a stone's throw from two fast food outlets and a cinema.

RSPB Scotland said the birds had a habit of nesting in built up areas.

A spokesman said: "Oystercatchers normally breed on open, flat coasts so it is always interesting to hear of them nesting in more unusual, urban settings.

"They are ground nesting birds and so can be vulnerable to disturbance, but it sounds like this family of oystercatchers in Inverness will be able to rear their young family in peace thanks to a bit of care and consideration."


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