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Crowe film prop given to charity

Battering ram
The battering ram will be moved to the trust's replica fort

Hollywood star Russell Crowe has arranged for a £60,000 prop from his new Robin Hood film to be given to a battle re-enactment group in Scotland.

The battering ram will be used by the Clanranald Trust in a medieval fort it is building in a forest near the Carron Reservoir in North Lanarkshire.

The trust's chief executive, Charlie Allan, became friends with Crowe during the filming of Gladiator.

He played the German warrior who held the severed head of a Roman negotiator.

Mr Allan said: "Russell and I have kept in touch over the years and he knew a bit about the fort we're building.

"While we were on the set (of Robin Hood) near Farnham in Surrey he suggested trying to get some of the props.

"I had my eye on some tents, which I thought would look good until we got our long houses built.

Russell Crowe as Robin Hood
The prop was used in the new Russell Crowe film Robin Hood

"He said he'd do what he could to help and the very next day he came to me with a huge grin on his face, grabbed me by the sleeve, pointed at the battering ram and said, 'It's all yours'."

Mr Allan said the Australian actor had spoken to the executive producer, Charles Schlissel, who said he would be delighted to help.

He added: "It was a fantastic gesture. The battering ram, which we called Rosie on set, will be great for our fort."

The Clanranald Trust is a charitable organisation which aims to raise awareness of Scottish culture and heritage through interactive education.

It is in the process of building a replica medieval Motte and Bailey Fort in the Fintry Hills, which will serve as a an visitor attraction.

The idea is to provide an arena where groups and individuals can experience the atmosphere of an authentic medieval working community.

So far the trust has spent about £350,000 on the project but still needs to raise £250,000 to complete the fort.

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