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Flushed goldfish rescued in sewer

Jake Huey celebrates Pooh the goldfish's new lease of life

A goldfish that was flushed down a toilet has been rescued by a worker at a sewage plant in Lanarkshire.

Treatment works operator Jake Huey noticed the floundering fish, now nicknamed Pooh, as he was cleaning at the Philipshill site in East Kilbride.

He picked it up and rushed it to an emergency tank. Scottish Water has warned customers only to flush away human waste and toilet roll.

Other items found recently in sewers include deckchairs and false teeth.

Mr Huey said: "Obviously someone thought their pet was on its last legs and flushed it down the toilet, which obviously we wouldn't advise.

"The fish has rallied as it made its way through the waste water network underneath the streets of East Kilbride and popped up in our screens totally revived."

Good home

He added: "This is one lucky little fish. We just need to find a good home for him now."

A recent study found items such as deckchairs, a mattress, false teeth, an outboard motor and even a parcel trolley in the Scottish Water waste network.

The company urged customers to dispose of rubbish responsibly and and ensure items such as nappies and sanitary products were bagged and binned with household rubbish.

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