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New generation of Ten Pound Poms

People queuing outside STA
About 45 people queued outside the Glasgow branch

A new generation of "Ten Pound Poms" have been bagging a bargain flight to Australia.

Queues formed outside the eight branches of Sta Travel, which were offering the exclusive one-way tickets for just £10.

People had been gathering outside Glasgow's George Street branch since Monday.

By Wednesday, 45 budding travellers were at the branch, vying for one of the 150 tickets the firm had on offer.

Rhiannon McLafferty, 19, and Taran Campbell, 23, have been planning their trip Down Under for the past year.

'Worth the wait'

The couple travelled from Inverness to Glasgow to get their hands on the tickets and have been queuing since Monday.

Their persistence paid off at 0830 BST on Wednesday, when they picked up their £10 flights from London to Melbourne, which leaves on 16 September.

Retail worker Taran was told about the offer by his boss.

Taran Campbell and Rhiannon Lafferty
Taran and Rhiannon said the two-days spent on the street was well worth it

"She brought in a newspaper clipping about it because she knows I was planning to go away," he said.

"So we looked into it on the internet and thought it was a really good idea so decided to go for it."

Rhiannon, who has just finished a course on complementary therapy - which she plans to practise during her trip - said their time spent in the queue had been a good experience in itself.

"It's been great, we've played loads of card games and made some friends, it's been good craic," she said.

"We've said we should all meet up again."

The pair said there had been good support from the shop where they placed their sleeping bags.

'Shutters open'

"We've been staying outside Roland Butter and they've been awesome," Taran said.

"They gave us major discount on food, they've been bringing us cups of tea and letting us use the toilet."

Rhiannon added: "We were sleeping on the shop's ledge so they left the shutters open for us because the place would be safe with us guarding it."

The couple were fifth through the door on Wednesday to get the tickets, and were delighted to scoop the flights.

Taran said: "It was well worth the wait, we're going in six weeks' time and are both really excited.

"We have to travel back up to Inverness now and then we'll get to our beds for a well-earned sleep."

"Ten Pound Poms" was a phrase used by Australians to describe Britons who migrated to the country after WWII.

Migrants were only charged £10 for the fare, in an attempt by the Australian government to boost the population.

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