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Court hears of 'abortion order'

Anne Brown
Anne Brown's body was found lying in water last October

A woman was once told to abort her child by her mother, whom she is accused of killing, a court has heard.

Lisa Brown, 21, and her boyfriend John Wilson, 25, deny murdering Anne Brown and disposing of her body in a burn in North Ayrshire last October.

Mr Wilson's foster mum Sandra Keane was giving evidence at the trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

She also said Anne Brown disapproved of her daughter's relationship with her foster son.

Mrs Keane told the court that she became aware that the accused had started a relationship in 2007.

She said that in January 2008 a pregnant Lisa Brown decided to move back in with her mother.

Mrs Keane said: "John told me that one of the conditions of her going home was that the baby was to be aborted. He was quite upset."

The 49 year-old later told how contact between herself and her foster son suddenly decreased that summer.

Internet message

On 25 October last year, Mrs Keane read an article relating to the disappearance of former nurse Anne Brown.

She told the court: "I phoned him and said that I had seen Lisa's mum had gone missing.

"He said that he did not know anything about it and that his battery was going to go."

The trial also heard from a former friend of Lisa Brown's, who she had contacted through an internet dating site in 2005.

Police road block
Police found Mrs Brown's body during searches in Ayrshire

Jonathon Dowie said he had met her a few times, but did not want a relationship as he found her "immature".

They later resumed contact through the social networking site Bebo.

Ms Brown had changed her profile name to Alexis McKenzie, claiming it was because of her "lovely mother".

Mr Dowie later received a message from Ms Brown which stated: "Well, let's just say if me and my mum meet again, one of us won't leave alive. That's how much we hate each other."

Mr Dowie contacted her late last October after learning of her mother's disappearance.

She told him not to "speak to the press" as the message about hating her mother had been found on his Bebo page.

'Bloodstained clothing'

He eventually spoke to police intending to hand over all the Bebo exchanges he had with Ms Brown but found the message about Anne Brown was not there.

Prosecutor Mr Allan asked: "How was that missing?"

Mr Dowie replied: "Only people that have sent or received the message can delete it. Lisa could go onto my page as could I but I did not."

Mr Allan then asked: "The only other person that could have done it therefore was Lisa?"

Mr Dowie said: "Yes."

Anne Brown's body was found in Clerkland Burn in North Ayrshire.

It is claimed Lisa Brown and John Wilson struck her on the head and body with a blunt object or objects and that her daughter had previously "evinced malice and ill-will towards her".

Ms Brown and Mr Wilson are then alleged to have attempted to defeat the ends of justice by disposing of her body in the burn.

They are also accused of washing a quantity of bloodstained clothing which they wore at the time of the alleged attack.

The trial before Judge Lord Matthews continues.

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