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Pizza murder accused 'was set up'

Eleni Pachou
Ms Pachou's blood was found mixed with that of Mr Crispin

A man accused of murdering a pizza restaurant manager claimed he had been set up by someone who planted evidence at the scene.

Juan Crispin, 37, is alleged to have murdered Eleni Pachou at Di Maggio's restaurant in the west end of Glasgow.

The High Court in Glasgow heard Mr Crispin told police his DNA was found at the scene because he had slipped in the restaurant and cut his hand.

He also told officers "someone else" mixed his blood with Ms Pachou's.

The jury heard a tape of Mr Crispin being interviewed by Det Sgt Ian Hylands in which he is told that forensic scientists found his blood mixed with Ms Pachou's at the scene and asked why that should be.

Mr Crispin replied: "I don't know. I never killed the girl. I would never do that. Somebody set me up."

He added that shortly before he left Di Maggio's he went to the toilet, slipped backwards and cut his hand on a meat slicer.

Because of the inconsistencies throughout his interview and statement I believed he wasn't telling the truth
Det Sgt Ian Hylands

He then told detectives he had gone home, leaving Ms Pachou alive.

When told by Det Sgt Hylands: "You DNA is all over the place," Mr Crispin said: "I was bleeding."

Det Sgt Hylands was then heard asking: "Are you expecting us to believe you left Eleni unharmed and your blood is mixed with her blood. Did someone else go in and mix your DNA and hers?"

Mr Crispin replied: "Yeah." He said he did not know why both his blood and Ms Pachou's were found on the restaurant safe.

During the interview, Mr Crispin said his former lover Marion Hinshelwood, 44, who has admitted the culpable homicide of Ms Pachou on the basis she bought the alleged murder weapon, was obsessed with him and would do anything for him.

He admitted that he visited Hinshelwood's home in Marchmont Terrace, Glasgow, before and after going to Di Maggio's, although he told police initially that he had gone straight to the restaurant from work.

At one point during the police interview Mr Crispin broke down in tears and sobbed.

Special defences

Under cross-examination by Ian Duguid QC, Det Sgt Hylands was asked why he had not investigated Mr Crispin's allegation that he had been set up.

He replied: "I found it hard to believe what he said."

Mr Duguid then asked: "He said he had been set up and you dismissed that out of hand, that's a fair summary isn't it?"

Det Sgt Hylands said: "I wouldn't agree with that. Because of the inconsistencies throughout his interview and statement I believed he wasn't telling the truth.

"Had there been any suggestion based on fact I'd have been happy to listen to it."

Di Maggio's chef Philippe Avril, 43, later told the court that in his opinion it was "virtually impossible" for anyone to cut themselves on the meat slicer in the restaurant.

Mr Crispin is accused of, while acting along with Hinshelwood , repeatedly striking Ms Pachou on the head and body with a knife or similar instrument, opening a safe and robbing her of £1,320.25, attempting to open another safe and murdering her.

Mr Crispin denies the robbery and murder and two further charges of attempting to defeat the ends of justice.

It is alleged he removed bloodstained clothing and shoes and put them and the knife into a bag and disposed of them. He has lodged special defences of alibi and incrimination.

The trial, before Lord Turnbull, continues.

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