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Fox bite pair given rabies jabs

Fox (generic)
Experts advised people not to feed foxes

Two people have been given injections to safeguard against rabies after being bitten by a fox in Argyll.

It is understood the animal attacked the pair while they were feeding it at Achachoish, near Lochgilphead.

They were taken to Mid Argyll Hospital before being transferred to Glasgow for precautionary medical treatment.

The Scottish SPCA said it had never heard of a fox biting two people. It advised the public never to try and feed a wild animal.

The association's chief superintendent, Mike Flynn, said: "In this instance it may be fair to assume this fox has been hand-reared by someone and has no fear of people.

"The public should never try to tame a wild animal and hand-rearing should only be undertaken by specialist wildlife rehabilitators.

"Overall, the best advice is to not feed foxes as they will find their own food."

Rabies is a viral disease which affects the central nervous system. Once symptoms appear it is almost always fatal, but patients can be treated with antibodies and a vaccination to fight the virus after being bitten.

A licensed bat handler died in Scotland from a rare form of rabies caught from a bat in 2002.

This was the first case of rabies in Scotland in more than 100 years.

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