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Personality profiling for drivers

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The tests are designed to pick up on learner drivers' weaknesses

Learner drivers in Scotland could be asked to undergo psychometric testing in a bid to help them pass.

The Driving Instructors Association has developed on online questionnaire which profiles a candidate's "natural preferences" in key areas.

It covers concentration, communication, patience, courtesy to strangers, areas of challenge and decision making.

The aim is to uncover any weaknesses that need to be addressed before learners take their driving test.

Eddie Barnaville, chief executive of the DIA, said: "The current driving test assesses people's conventional driving skills - hand, eye, foot co-ordination, vehicle manoeuvring skills, and very basic knowledge of the rules of the road.

"What it doesn't take into account is a driver's attitude towards driving and the way drivers think is the most vital part of safe driving.

'Risk takers'

"Many young drivers have a poor attitude to safe and responsible driving. Many see themselves as risk takers, happy to break the speed limit or jump a red light.

"Psychometric profiling will help instructors identify these traits, and allow them to modify their training to deal with them."

The online profiling service, developed by PeopleMaps, is available at a cost to driving instructors.

Its launch comes as the Westminster Government is undertaking a major review of the way people learn to drive.

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