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Airline admits financial problems

The grounded plane at Glasgow Airport
The Boeing 757 was due to leave Glasgow Airport on Thursday morning

Zoom Airlines has admitted being in financial difficulty after two planes used by the company were grounded over alleged non-payment of fees.

The company said it had been affected by "acutely difficult" trading conditions.

More than 200 passengers were left stranded at Glasgow Airport when their Zoom flight bound for Halifax and Ottawa was refused permission to leave.

A flight from Calgary to Glasgow was also said to have been grounded.

Eurocontrol and the National Air Traffic Services said charges had not been paid by the Canadian company.

It is understood to have been grounded over a payment dispute.

Zoom Airlines later announced it had sought creditor protection.

Hugh Boyle, executive chairman of Zoom, said: "Our trading position is a direct consequence of the horrendous increase in the price of aviation fuel and the economic climate."

A Glasgow Airport spokesman said discussions were under way to try to resolve the payment dispute.

'Alternative carrier'

He said a Zoom flight to Vancouver was due to go out on Thursday evening but there was a 12-hour delay in place because of technical problems.

Passengers will be diverted via Gatwick to Vancouver.

A spokesman for Zoom said: "A plane flying from Glasgow to Vancouver last night, via Calgary, stopped off as scheduled.

"Sixty-nine passengers due to travel to Vancouver were then transported in an alternative carrier, completing their journey that way."

He said the "resultant knock-on effect" of that had affected services but that they hoped they would return to normal later on Thursday.

Zoom has been operating flights between Scotland and Canada for seven years.

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