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Elvis visit claims 'all shook up'

A plaque at Prestwick airport declares it was the only place in the UK Elvis visited
A Prestwick airport star declares it was the only place in the UK Elvis visited

Prestwick airport wants to see photographic evidence before it relinquishes its claim to be the only place in the UK Elvis Presley visited.

It comes after theatre producer Bill Kenwright revealed the singer made a secret visit to teen idol Tommy Steele in London in 1958.

He made the revelation on BBC Radio 2's Ken Bruce show 'Tracks of My Years.'

Mr Steele, 71, told a newspaper he had promised to keep the trip secret and regretted it had been made public.

Mr Kenwright, 62, a friend of Tommy Steele, said: "Elvis came to England. Nobody thinks he did and I hope Tommy doesn't go mad when I tell you.

"Tommy got a phone call one night. It said: "They tell me you're good' and Tommy replied: 'Who's this?'

"The caller said: 'It's Elvis,' and Tommy said: 'Get outta here.' And Elvis said: 'Are you as good as me?'

"And they talked and they got a friendship. Elvis flew in for a day."

Elvis Presley in army uniform
The singer was in the US army when he visited Prestwick airport

Secret tour

He said Mr Steele had shown Elvis round London, including the Houses of Parliament.

Elvis, who would have been 23 at the time of the visit, had joined the US Army in March 1958 and was posted to Germany.

It was during his time in the army that he made a brief stop-over at Prestwick Airport in 1960, on his way back to base.

A plaque and an Elvis-themed bar in the departure lounge marks the visit.

CEO at the airport Mark Rodwell said: "As far as we are concerned, until it is proved otherwise Prestwick airport remains the only place in the United Kingdom that Elvis Presley ever set foot.

"There is photographic evidence to prove that Elvis was here on 3 March 1960, however we are not aware of any photographs of this alleged visit to London, while the timing of it also seems a bit vague."

Paul Downie of the Glasgow branch of the Official Elvis Presley Fan club of Great Britain said he also wanted to see proof.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland he said: "For the British Elvis fan I think it would be great, but personally I would like to see some photographic evidence.

"It would interfere with Scotland's claim to fame that Prestwick was the only place where Elvis touched down, but there's no rivalry between the English and the Scottish Elvis fans."


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