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Last Updated: Monday, 17 March 2008, 16:29 GMT
'Squinty Bridge' repair under way
Work has started on replacing the Arc's connector units.

Repair works have begun on Glasgow's Clyde Arc bridge after it was closed when a cable snapped in January.

Engineers have been assessing the 14 struts and supports on the so-called Squinty Bridge.

A support cradle is being attached to the arm of the Arc to assist in bearing weight as repairs take place.

Glasgow City Council said it still hoped the 20m Finnieston to Pacific Quay crossing would be ready to reopen by the middle of the summer.

The bridge was closed after a cable snapped and crashed onto the road in January.

Milled steel

An inspection by designers Halcrow and civil engineering contractor Edmund Nuttall Ltd, which built the bridge, found a stress fracture in a similar component.

Since then, assessment work has been ongoing and the council said it did not believe the integrity of the bridge had been affected.

Each of the connector units, which hold the cables on the arc, is to be replaced.

Clyde Arc strut
No-one was injured after the cable crashed down in January

Engineers found alignment between the connectors and cables was out and the weight distribution "wasn't as it should be".

A Nuttall spokesman said a saddle frame was being fitted to the top of arc before wire cables are run down to support the weight of the bridge.

Engineers will then unclip each of the cables and replace the connectors at the top and bottom, this time costructed from milled steel rather than cast steel.

A replacement cable for the one which crashed down will also be fitted, with the main work expected to be completed by the end of June.

The structure, which spans 140m, is a tied arch design, carrying four traffic lanes and was opened in 2006.

The Saltire Society gave the bridge a civil engineering award last year.

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