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Man jailed after stabbing boast
High Court in Glasgow crest
Taxi driver heard Lowrie boasting on his mobile phone
A man has been convicted of culpable homicide after a taxi driver overheard him boasting about the crime.

Ian Lowrie, 19, was jailed for 11 years after he admitted repeatedly stabbing 19-year-old Stuart Baillie in Glasgow, on 11 August last year.

The court was told the taxi driver had heard Lowrie, who was bleeding from a head wound, talking about the incident on his mobile phone.

He dropped Lowrie off at Stobhill hospital and then called the police.

When sentencing Lowrie, temporary judge Rita Rae QC said: "This is yet another depressing case, all too common in this court, where the combination of young men, fuelled by excessive alcohol and armed with knives led to the pointless and needless death of another young man, Stuart Baillie."

Lowrie admitted to the culpable homicide at an earlier hearing. He had originally been charged with murdering Mr Baillie, but the Crown accepted his plea to the reduced charge.

Co-accused Ian McNeish, 17, admitted stabbing Liam Sneddon twice on the shoulder with a knife and was jailed for 28 months.

John Scullion, prosecuting, told the court that the incident at Netherhouse Place, Glasgow, had been sparked by Baillie and Sneddon, who were armed with bottles, shouting abuse outside the house where Lowrie and McNeish were staying.

Lowrie was hit on the head with one of the bottles and minutes later he and McNeish went back into the house and returned armed with knives.

Lowrie stabbed Baillie in the neck fatally injuring him. McNeish stabbed Sneddon in the shoulder, he suffered minor injuries.

Defence advocate Edward Targowski QC told the court that Lowrie stabbed Baillie after "severe provocation".

He added that Lowrie regrets attacking Baillie and was ashamed of what he did.

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