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Life for tea break row murderer
Steven McArdle
Steven McArdle was stabbed through the heart
A bakery worker who stabbed a colleague through the heart in a row over tea breaks has been jailed for life.

A jury found Paul Steadward, 35, guilty of murdering father-of-two Steven McArdle, 26, at the Warburtons bakery in Bellshill in March last year.

Steadward must serve a minimum of 16 years in jail before being considered for parole.

Sentencing, temporary judge Ian Peebles said a man "ended up dead over the most trivial matter".

Justice has been done but that man Steadward has devastated our family
Jimmy Mulholland
Mr McArdle's brother

The court heard Steadward stabbed Mr McArdle after he arrived back at work 10 to 15 minutes late from a tea break.

The incident happened outside the bakery at about 0430 GMT on 8 March.

Mr McArdle told the first police officer on the scene that he had been attacked by Steadward.

'Living nightmare'

His partner June McIntosh, from Coatbridge, said their children - Chloe, seven, and Steven, six - were devastated by their father's death.

She said: "It is a living nightmare.

"He was a great guy, very fun-loving and always carrying on with the kids.

"Our son Steven now has bad dreams and wakes up shouting for his dad. My little girl says he's an angel up in the sky.

"I just have to hold myself together for them."

Ms McIntosh said she spoke to her partner just hours before he died.

Mr McArdle's brother Jimmy Mulholland, 35, said: "Justice has been done but that man Steadward has devastated our family.

"It was all over 10 minutes at a work break. How can you tell kids that their dad died because of something trivial like that."

Steadward had denied murdering Mr McArdle and lodged a special defence of self defence.

He said he had taken a 10in knife to the factory because he was going to have steak during his break.

Victim's family speak after the verdict

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