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Last Updated: Saturday, 26 January 2008, 12:01 GMT
Call to 'invest' Trident funding
The Scottish Government also wants Trident missiles removed
Money earmarked to replace Trident should instead be spent providing a "massive" boost to manufacturing in Scotland, campaigners have urged.

It comes as trades unionists meet in Glasgow to discuss the economic impact of not renewing the nuclear weapons system, based at Faslane on the Clyde.

The Ministry of Defence estimates that more than 11,000 jobs would be lost if Trident was not replaced.

But the Scottish Trades Union Congress claims that is a gross exaggeration.

The UK Government won Commons support for plans to renew the UK's nuclear submarine system last March.

Between 15bn and 20bn would be spent on new submarines to carry the Trident missiles.

Trident missile

The fleet would take 17 years to develop and build and would then last until about 2050.

But an STUC and Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament joint report claims more jobs would be created in the Scottish economy if the money was used for other purposes.

Stephen Boyd, assistant secretary of the STUC, said: "The funds currently earmarked to replace Trident represent a huge opportunity for investment in the productive economy.

"With the necessary political will and a little imagination these resources could provide a massive boost to manufacturing industry in Scotland, help to secure energy supplies and assist in the fight against climate change."

The Scottish Government is also opposed to the renewal of the nuclear weapons system, a position backed by a vote in Scottish Parliament.

Defence is a power reserved to Westminster.

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