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Teenage murderer posed with body
Scott Burgess
Scott Burgess' body was found nine days after his death
A murderer who stabbed a man 80 times went on to pose for a mobile phone picture alongside the victim's body, the High Court in Glasgow has heard.

Stephen Price, 20, admitted murdering Scott Burgess, 24, with a knife in his home in Glen Street, Paisley, between August and September last year.

Price's partner, Karen Duncan, 17, admitted culpable homicide.

The court heard the couple were pictured washing blood off in a bath. Sentence was deferred.

In both pictures, Price, who was 19 at the time, was still holding the murder weapon.

These acts ... betrayed gross levels of depravity and indifference to the dignity of the dead man
Derek Ogg QC

In court, Lord Brodie was shown the images by prosecutor Derek Ogg QC.

Price admitted murdering Mr Burgess at 17B Glen Street.

Duncan, who was 16 at the time, stabbed the victim twice with a screwdriver.

Along with her sister Irene Duncan, 18, she also admitted attempting to defeat the ends of justice by trying to conceal evidence.

Mr Ogg told the court that there was no motive for the horrific crime, apart from the fact Price believed Mr Burgess had made some derogatory remarks about his friends.

'Callous campaign'

The court was told that the three accused hatched a drink fuelled plot to force their way into Burgess' flat.

Once inside Price locked the front door and launched what Mr Ogg described as "a frenzied and sustained knife assault" amounting to at least 80 separate blows.

Mr Ogg said: "Mr Burgess collapsed into unconsciousness or death.

"Price then posed with his body, brandishing his knife and smiling whilst one of the Duncan girls photographed him on a mobile phone camera."

Crime scene (picture from Spindrift)
The scene of the knife attack in Glen Way, Paisley

They then went to the Duncans' flat next door where Price and Karen Duncan went into the bath.

Mr Ogg said: "Irene was taking a picture on the mobile phone of the two in the bath. Price still had the knife and he too was laughing."

After the murder, the court heard they buried their clothing in a black bag along with the knife, the screwdriver and the mobile phone.

Bloodstained carpet was cut out and put down a rubbish chute.

Mr Burgess' body was put in a bath which was filled with water and bleach. Mr Ogg said: "These acts constituted a thought-out and callous campaign over a number of days.

"It betrayed gross levels of depravity and indifference to the dignity of the dead man as well as adding to the grief and devastation of his family."

About nine days after his death, Mr Burgess' family found his body.

Judge Lord Brodie said: "One of the stark features of this case are the mobile phone photographs."

He deferred sentence on all three until next month for background reports.

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