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Schools demand proof of residence
Places in East Renfrewshire schools are outweighed by demand
A local authority is demanding parents enrolling their children in school produce proof they live in the area.

East Renfrewshire said parents must carry two pieces of evidence - a council tax bill and a utility bill.

A council spokesman said the move aimed to cut down on "fraudulent entry" to top-performing schools from those outside the local authority area.

He said the council detected about 20 cases each year. Some people were found to have used a relative's address.

In one extreme case, the council said an applicant rented a house in the area during enrolment week.

East Renfrewshire Council said schools were "struggling to cope" with the numbers of children legally entitled to attend.

John Wilson, director of education, said: "Our first responsibility is to the parents and children who live within East Renfrewshire and we have to be certain that we are not failing them by letting pupils in who have no right to be in our schools.

"That's why we have brought in these extra checks and warn that parents detected trying to use fraudulent methods of entry that we will take appropriate action."

The local authority has 8,450 primary pupils attending 24 primary schools.

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