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Teenage gang jailed for killing
The Gorbals
Mr Smith was attacked near his home in the Gorbals, Glasgow
Four killers, three of whom reportedly gloated over the crime on YouTube, have been jailed for a total of 32 years.

Jason McFadden and Iain Stevenson, both 19, and George O'Connor and David Harvey, both 18, all from Glasgow, admitted a charge of culpable homicide.

They were originally accused of murdering William Smith, 21, in the Gorbals, Glasgow, in December 2006.

Mr Smith, a father, died in hospital six days after he was hit with sticks and repeatedly punched and kicked.

The attack happened near his home at Norfolk House, Gorbals, on 29 December.

He suffered brain damage and surgeons had to remove part of his skull and one of his kidneys, which was turned to pulp by the beating.

I am disgusted by the sentences. They should have got 12 years each
William Smith
Victim's father

Temporary Judge Rita Rae said: "There has been considerable publicity over recent years lamenting the level of street violence committed by youths, fuelled by excessive alcohol and armed with weapons.

"Such behaviour is the plague of local communities.

"The term anti-social behaviour is used but, on occasions such as this, it does not truly reflect the extent of violence in which some youths appear to revel.

"I trust the sentences I am about to impose will bring home to you and other like-minded young men that such conduct will be dealt with severely by the courts."

Newspaper report

Each member of the gang was sentenced to eight years for the killing.

Two other youths were originally charged with murder.

John McGrory, 17, admitted assault and Aaron McConville, 19, admitted breach of the peace.

Temporary Judge Rae placed McConville on deferred sentence for six months and ordered McGrory to do two years probation and 200 hours community service.

High Court in Glasgow (Crown copyright)

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She said she was ignoring a newspaper report which claimed O'Connor, McFadden and Harvey were filmed on the YouTube internet site while they were on bail.

She said it "was not put before me and there has been no confirmation whatsoever of its accuracy".

Reports claimed one of the men said in the video: "Jinky, wee man, get back to Norfy before we murder ye like Willie Smith, ye dafty. Do you want to get put in a box an' all?"

Mr Smith's father William, 57, was thrown out of court after shouting at temporary Judge Rae that she should have looked at the YouTube video.

He said: "I am disgusted by the sentences. They should have got 12 years each.

"In court they were said to have been full of remorse for what they did to my boy.

"But if the judge had viewed the video she would have seen them gloating at what they did to him."

Terrorised by gang

Mr Smith said he gave the video to the police five weeks before the case.

He added: "Judge Rae didn't hear the other side of the story - that my son had been terrorised by this gang for two or three years."

The victim's mother Maria Smith, 51, said she was angry at the sentences imposed.

She said: "It is a shambles because I don't think the sentences fit the crime.

"I've really started a life sentence now and his son wakes up with nightmares looking for his dad."

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