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Last Updated: Saturday, 29 September 2007, 14:36 GMT 15:36 UK
Terror survival course launched
Delegates at the anti-terror conference
The anti-terror course was open to members of the public
One of the UK's first training courses for the public on terrorism survival has been launched in Glasgow.

Security experts gave tips to delegates on how to protect themselves and survive a terrorist incident.

A Scottish-based security company designed the one-day course with techniques used by law enforcement agencies and corporate clients.

The eight-hour class covered thwarting hijacks, recognising attackers and surviving suicide bombings.

Simon Leila, who has been involved in the security industry for 25 years, said: "We are not trying to scare anyone or create a panic but the reality is that we live in a society where bad things can happen.

There is room for this type of course and we just have to accept that it in the world we live in there are going to be people who encounter these problems
Professor Paul Wilkinson
Head of terrorism studies at St Andrews University

"Anybody who thought it would never happen here was a given a wake-up call by the recent Glasgow and London attacks.

"We want to teach people to be more aware and how to spot potential threats. The police can't be everywhere so we all have to keep our eyes open, wits about us and proactively report any suspicious behaviour."

He added: "During the Glasgow airport incident, if the car had exploded as planned many of those people who stood around taking photographs on their mobile phones would have been killed or at least seriously injured."

Participants took part in a series of mock-scenarios ranging from September 11-style airplane hijackings, suicide bomb attacks, incidents involving pyrotechnic versions of improvised explosive devices, chemical and dirty bombs.

Professor Paul Wilkinson, head of terrorism studies at St Andrews University, said: "There is room for this type of course and we just have to accept that it in the world we live in there are going to be people who encounter these problems and we should try and pass on the best advice we can.

"There is a case for increasing liaison between the public and private sector in emergency planning."

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