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Timeline: The World's End murders
15 OCTOBER 1977

Christine Eadie and Helen Scott meet up for a night out with friends on Edinburgh's Royal Mile. After visiting several pubs they arrive at The World's End at about 2200 BST.

The girls are seen inside the packed pub when their two friends Jackie Ingles and Toni Wale told them they are leaving to go to a party.

The last time the two women are seen alive by anyone except their killers is by a policeman who helped Helen to her feet after she fell over.

Pc John Rafferty notices the two girls are approached by two men.

16 OCTOBER 1977

Christine's naked, bound and beaten body is discovered at about 1400 BST by a couple walking their dog at Gosford Bay, East Lothian.

At 1800 BST Helen's body is found six miles away in a field of corn stubble by a farm worker.

MAY 1978

After one of Lothian and Borders Police's largest ever investigations involving hundreds of offers, 13,000 suspects and the interviewing of every squaddie in Scotland, the investigation is scaled down.


The case is reopened when DNA technology is just beginning but it remained unsolved.


The case is reopened.


Advances in DNA technology allows forensic experts to test a stain on Helen's coat which finds DNA belonging to two men but they are unable to find a match.


The case goes back into cold storage.

APRIL 2004

A different section of the coat stain is tested and a database search matches the DNA profile in the stain to Sinclair who is serving a life sentence.


DNA samples are taken from a flat which Gordon Hamilton, now deceased, helped redecorate in Glasgow.

Police find they link to DNA taken from Helen and Christine's bodies.

30 OCTOBER 2006

Sinclair appears at the High Court in Edinburgh accused of raping and murdering Christine Eadie and Helen Scott.

The charges allege he acted with his brother-in-law Gordon Hamilton who died in 1996.

27 AUGUST 2007

The World's End trial begins at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Sinclair lodges a special defence incriminating Mr Hamilton.


The trial collapses when Judge Lord Clarke says the Crown has insufficient evidence to proceed.

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