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Merlin 'from Glasgow not Camelot'
Nicol Williamson as Merlin in Excalibur
Nicol Williamson as Merlin in the film Excalibur
Legendary wizard Merlin lived in the Partick area of Glasgow and not in Camelot, a new book has claimed.

Tradition has it that King Arthur's magician was either English or Welsh.

But Scots advocate Adam Ardrey, who spent six years researching Merlin, claims he actually lived in what is now Ardery Street with his wife Gwendolin.

Mr Ardrey said be believes Merlin was a politician and scholar rather than a magician, and is buried near Dunipace, just south of Stirling.

In his book Finding Merlin: The Truth Behind The Legend, amateur historian Mr Ardrey said his research showed Merlin was born in the year 540 in the Cadzow area of what is now part of Hamilton in Lanarkshire.

Merlin lived where the king, his brother-in-law, lived in what was called the Royal Town of Partick
Adam Ardrey

Mr Ardrey said Merlin later lived with Gwendolin at Ardery Street from 600 to 618, where they would have enjoyed a "comfortable lifestyle".

The area is today occupied by traditional red sandstone tenement flats, but in Merlin's day it would have been open countryside.

It is best known as the area where comedian Billy Connolly grew up, and was also the original home of Glasgow football club Partick Thistle.

Mr Ardrey said he made the discovery while researching his own family name in the National Library of Scotland. He believes the real story of Merlin has been suppressed by Christian writers.

Modern image

He said: "I found that the my name Ardrey was connected with the very first reference to Merlin, which had him fighting at the Battle of Arddreyd.

"Then later and separately I found that in the last 20 years of his life Merlin lived at a place that even today is still called Ardery Street.

"Merlin lived where the king, his brother-in-law, lived in what was called the Royal Town of Partick."

Mr Ardrey said Merlin was assassinated in about 618 while making his way from Glasgow to Dunipace.

He added: "Tradition has Merlin being buried just outside Stobo in the Borders at a place called Drumelzier but they have got the wrong Drumelzier.

"The real Drumelzier where Merlin is buried is attached to Dunipace."

The modern image of Merlin is moulded by his portrayal as a magician in movies like Excalibur and the Sword In The Stone.

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