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Lottery winner plans for future
Angela Kelly
Ms Kelly said treating her family would be a priority
Having made history by winning the UK's biggest ever lottery jackpot in a EuroMillions draw, Angela Kelly has been drawing up plans for her future.

During the official handover of her 35,425,411.80 cheque at Airth Castle near Falkirk, Ms Kelly revealed some of her plans for the newly-won riches.

The 40-year-old said she was still deciding how to spend her fortune.

She has reportedly told colleagues she will not be returning to her job as a postal administrator with Royal Mail.

Her only shopping trip so far has been in the company of Camelot representatives, who helped her to find a suitable outfit for her press call.

Ms Kelly said she was taken into shops she wouldn't have considered entering before her win.

She said: "I would just walk by and look in the window. I would never go in because I knew I could not even afford a scarf from there."

She said that, after having her nails done for the first time, her plan is go to Canada where some of her family live.

Hawaii always seemed to be one of those places I would never be able to afford
Angela Kelly

The holiday was already booked, but she now will be able to upgrade her flights.

Ms Kelly also hopes to go on holiday to Hawaii. Having watched Hawaii Five-O and old Elvis Presley films as a child, a trip to the pacific has been a dream of hers.

She said: "It is somewhere I have always wanted to go. Hawaii always seemed to be one of those places I would never be able to afford."

She would also like to swap her two-bedroom flat in the West Mains area of East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, for a luxury Italian villa.

Her sister already lives in Italy.

Upmarket bars

However, plans to move house may be delayed as Ms Kelly's 14-year-old son John is starting to study for exams and she does not want him to move schools.

The lottery winner recently bought a new fitted kitchen in the sales, and said she would not move from her two-bedroom house until it was installed.

A new car is also on the list as Ms Kelly is currently driving her sister's vehicle, but her son's choice of a Mercedes may override her own preference for a Seat.

John will have to make do with a quad bike until he is old enough to drive a Mercedes himself.

Angela Kelly received the biggest cheque of her life

His mother described him as "down-to-earth and grounded," and that she did not expect him to be swayed by the money.

Neighbours said that John once started a petition for a pitch where he and friends could play football, and perhaps his mother would now be able to grant his wish.

Friends and family are a priority for the lottery winner, who said she planned to treat her two sisters.

One of her sisters would only believe she had won after speaking to staff at National Lottery operator Camelot's regional centre near Glasgow.

Ms Kelly purchased her winning Euromillions Lucky Dip ticket at Sainsbury's supermarket in East Kilbride.

Winning the UK's biggest ever lottery payout in the EuroMillions jackpot has taken the postal worker to the top of the National Lottery's 'rich list'.

However, the postal worker said her new multi-millionaire status might mean she went to slightly more upmarket bars and ordered a bottle of champagne instead of a pint.

But she dismissed the idea that money could buy happiness and said it would only ease her life.

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