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Newborn baby boy left at hospital
Baby Andrew found at Wishaw General Hospital
Baby Andrew was named after the security guard who found him
A newborn baby has been found abandoned in a hospital in North Lanarkshire.

The boy has been named Andrew after the security guard who found him at Wishaw General Hospital on Tuesday and is said to be in good health.

Strathclyde Police said they were concerned for the health of the boy's mother and urged her to get in touch.

A spokesman appealed for the woman, or anyone who has any information on the baby's identity, to contact their local police station.

The baby, who is thought to only be a day or two old, was named after security guard Andrew Watson, who discovered him at about 2215 BST in a baby changing room.

Mr Watson, 25, said he had been making his final checks of the evening when he was alerted by the baby's crying.

"He was in a babygro, wrapped in a white shawl and he certainly had a healthy set of lungs," he said.

"So I picked him up and I phoned my colleague and we took him to maternity and then to casualty.

It may be that the mother is a teenager who is frightened and needs help
Supt Greig Robertson

"My main concern was for the kid and I was anxious for him. It's very touching to have a baby named after you but I don't mind if they change it if the mother comes forward and they can be reunited.

"I've been to see him but I don't want to keep bothering the neonatal ward. He's a wee beauty and I hope it all works out."

The baby, who weighed 9lbs 7.5oz, was given a clean bill of health, fed and taken to be cared for in the maternity ward.

He was sleeping peacefully in his cot on Wednesday afternoon with a teddy beside him.

Midwives and nursing staff have already grown attached to the youngster.

Dr Sam Ibhanesebhor, a consultant neonatologist, said: "He is sleeping peacefully and has been very settled. He is being bottle fed with formula and we reckon he is two days old.

"We are giving him antibiotics as we don't know the condition of his birth or how his umbilical chord was cut but part of it is still attached.

"He is being cared for in our neonatal unit and has already won the hearts of everyone caring for him and they are growing more attached by the hour."

Baby Andrew found at Wishaw General Hospital
Police said the baby was healthy and well looked after

Police have been carrying out extensive inquiries to trace the boy's mother as they fear she may need urgent medical attention.

Supt Greig Robertson, of Wishaw police, said: "I would appeal to the mother to come forward as soon as possible. She needs help and assistance and there are people who can provide her with the support that she may need."

He added: "If she doesn't want to involve the police then she should attend at a doctor's surgery or a hospital for medical attention.

"It may be that the mother is a teenager who is frightened and needs help. I would stress that we will not be passing judgement but just need to ensure she is safe."

Supt Robertson also urged anyone who knew the mother to encourage her to immediately seek medical attention.

He said: "I would also appeal to anyone who was visiting Wishaw Hospital last night, had used the baby changing room, or was in the proximity of the hospital and saw a female with a baby, perhaps behaving in a suspicious manner, to contact the police."

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