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Fresh bid to save historic ship
The Carrick
The ship was built in 1864 to transport people to Australia
A last ditch bid to save an historic clipper from being broken up will be made later.

The Carrick, which pre-dates the Cutty Sark, was built at Sunderland in 1864 and is now berthed at the Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine, Ayrshire.

North Ayrshire Council granted provisional permission for the ship to be demolished in February as it would cost almost 20m to restore it.

About 100 campaigners from Sunderland will call for the ship to be returned.

Originally named The City of Adelaide, the ship was built to carry people emigrating to southern Australia.

We want the Scottish Maritime Museum to know that we are serious about this
Patrick Lavelle

It has been rotting away on the quayside in Irvine since 1992 because of a lack of funding to restore it.

According to the museum, it would now take at least 20m to restore it, and even then it would essentially be a replica.

Despite the scale of the task, The Sunderland City of Adelaide Recovery Foundation (SCARF), claims it could be done.

Group secretary Patrick Lavelle said it was vital the clipper was not demolished.

'Show of strength'

He said: "Following the fire which destroyed much of the Cutty Sark, the City of Adelaide is now the most historic ship of this type in the world.

"It is a restorable, recoverable, salvageable ship, with 70% of it still intact.

"Our intention is to take her back to Sunderland, where she was built on the River Wear, and see her restored.

"We want the Scottish Maritime Museum to know that we are serious about this.

"This is a show of strength. The people of Sunderland want her back."

The man heading the ship's deconstruction committee, Sam Galbraith, said he was happy to hand the ship over to the protesters if they had the money to save it.

He said: "If they want to come forward and take over all the liabilities, put all the money towards it, then we will be more than willing to let them have the ship.

"The problem we have is that we've tried every avenue for the last seven or eight years and not one person has come forward with the money, and that includes Sunderland.

"We are therefore left with this ship that has continued to deteriorate and we think it's now time to deconstruct it."

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