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Airport 'hero' in charity pledge
John Smeaton
Mr Smeaton helped to subdue the suspect
The baggage handler who tackled a terror suspect during an attack on Glasgow Airport wants to give some of the money donated to him to charity.

John Smeaton helped a police officer restrain the suspect after a Jeep crashed into the terminal building.

A tribute website collected cash to buy him 1,400 pints.

He wants half the cash to be given to the veterans charity Erskine and the rest to fund a night out for those who were caught up in the attack.

Mr Smeaton found worldwide fame after his eyewitness account of the attack on 30 June.

He described how his first thought on being confronted by the two suspects in the burning vehicle was: "What's the score? I've got to get this sorted."

Since then the website set up in his honour has been pledged 1,400 pints at 3 each as a reward for his actions.

Care for veterans

Mr Smeaton, from Renfrewshire, is to donate half the money raised in the online appeal to the veteran's charity Erskine, which cares for former servicemen and women at five homes throughout Scotland.

He contacted the organisation explaining he wanted to help and is to give 2,100 to the good cause.

Erskine's chief executive Colonel Martin Gibson said: "John Smeaton's courage reflects that of our veterans and the young men and women who are currently putting their lives on the line in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"We are delighted that John has decided to donate this significant sum to Erskine, which will be used to enhance the care for veterans who have served their country from WWII right up to the present day."

The remainder of the money raised will be used by Mr Smeaton to fund a night out for those who were present at the Glasgow Airport incident.



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