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Digital mapping captures Glasgow
Glasgow Urban Model
The model of the city centre has taken two years to complete

A 3D virtual online map of Glasgow has been launched modelling parts of the city down to incredible detail.

The Glasgow Urban Model is aimed at attracting jobs and investment as well as letting businesses and the public see development plans.

The £450,000 photo-realistic model, created by a team of eight designers, covers 20 sq km along the Clyde and may be extended to map the whole city.

It can be accessed online at www.glasgow.gov.uk/urbanmodel.

The two-year project was commissioned by Glasgow City Council and led by the Digital Design Studio at the Glasgow School of Art.

Doug Pritchard, head of visualisation at the Glasgow School of Art, led the team who mapped every inch of the city centre and Clyde regeneration corridor.

He said it was a massive project, scanning the façade of the buildings to an accuracy of 5mm.

"In fact, such is the detail, that you can see every stone, brick and roof-tile," he added.

We can map our development plans in a way which has never been done before
Steven Purcell
Council leader

"But when we're dealing with the potential impact of new developments, the most important thing is to make sure the model is accurate.

"What we've delivered here is a unique model which covers over 20 sq km of the city and one which has huge potential for growth."

It is hoped the model will also be used as a marketing tool, to boost tourism, to develop evacuation plans for emergency services, transport planning, flood planning and to connect the public to the council and city.

Council leader Steven Purcell said: "Using cutting edge technology, we can map our development plans in a way which has never been done before, allowing the public to assess planning applications in a virtual form.

"It is often difficult to visualise developments simply from architects' drawings - now we can bring them to life, allowing everyone to contribute to the planning process."

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