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Lord Menzies sentence statement
At the High Court in Edinburgh on 4 May, Lord Menzies sentenced Peter Britton Tobin to life imprisonment.

On sentencing the judge made the following statement.

In the course of my time in the law I have seen many bad men, and I have heard evidence about many terrible crimes which have been committed, but I have heard no case more tragic nor more terrible than this one.

The Advocate Depute described what you did to Angelika Kluk as an atrocity, and that word aptly describes what you did to this young woman.

Any case of rape is serious; any case of murder is serious - but what you did to Angelika Kluk was inhuman.

To bind her hands, gag her so tightly that her face was misshapen when her body was found, to rape her, beat her about the head repeatedly with a table leg fracturing her skull, stab her repeatedly about her chest and body, and then drag her through the church and dump her body under the floorboards as so much rubbish - all this shows utter contempt and disdain for the life of an innocent young woman with her whole life ahead of her.

You are an evil man.

Under our law, there is only one sentence which I can impose in respect of charge two, namely life imprisonment, and I sentence you to life imprisonment.

In addition, the law requires me to specify what is called "the punishment part" of that sentence.

Neither you, nor anyone else having an interest in this case, should be under any misapprehension about the effect of the punishment part of a life sentence.

It is not to be equiparated with a determinate sentence of a court for the same number of years.

In the case of a determinate sentence, a prisoner is generally entitled to be released from prison on licence having served a specified percentage of his sentence.

That is not the case with the punishment part of a life sentence.

The punishment part means the period before which a life prisoner can apply to be released on licence.

It is rarely the case that a prisoner is released on licence immediately upon the expiry of the punishment part of his sentence, and indeed a prisoner serving a sentence of life imprisonment may never be released from prison.

Having regard to the awful circumstances of this crime, together with the two other offences on this indictment of which you have been convicted, and also to your record of previous convictions which includes serious sexual offences, I impose a punishment part of 21 years.

This sentence is imposed in cumulo in respect of all three charges.

I backdate this punishment part to 9th October 2006 to reflect the period already spent in custody.

In addition, it is clear from your record of previous convictions that you are a danger to women and a serial sex offender.

I place you on the Sex Offenders Register indefinitely.

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