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Last Updated: Friday, 4 May 2007, 10:02 GMT 11:02 UK
Technical chaos hits local counts
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Technical difficulties blighted the counts in the west of Scotland
Voters in the west of Scotland have been hit by chaos during the Scottish parliamentary elections.

Counts in Argyll and Bute, Eastwood, and Strathkelvin and Bearsden were suspended until later on Friday due to technical problems.

The problem at the Strathkelvin and Bearsden count occurred when the computer system could not validate the votes that had been counted so far.

A total of seven counts across Scotland were suspended during the night.

A spokeswoman for Argyll and Bute Council said that problems with the area's count were noted at about 0620 BST on Friday. The count will reconvene at 1500 BST.

Postal votes

Counts in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Livingston, Linlithgow, Perth and Tayside North were also affected by the problems with the new electronic counting system.

Some estimates said about 100,000 people could be disenfranchised amid confusion about how to fill in ballot papers and problems with postal votes.

The Scotland Office has said that DRS, the company in charge of the e-voting system, must investigate.

The independent Electoral Commission will also undertake a statutory review of the conduct of the election.

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