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Angelika diary mentioned accused
Angelika Kluk portrait image
Extracts from Angelika's diary were read to the court
Jurors in the Angelika Kluk trial have heard how the 23-year-old wrote seven times in her diary about the man accused of her murder.

Diary extracts were read out at Edinburgh's High Court during the final day of evidence by the prosecution.

It is not yet known whether accused Peter Tobin will testify as the defence case gets underway on Tuesday.

Tobin, 60, who worked as a handyman in St Patrick's Church at the time of Angelika's death, denies all charges.

During the final day of the Crown case, Polish translator Sasza Depczynski said he had been asked to translate the diary into English.

There is no comparison. The person named Pat was never as close as Martin to Angelika.
Sasza Depczynski Polish translator

The court was told that in contrast to the seven times Angelika had mentioned her alleged killer, she had constantly referred to her 40-year-old married lover Martin MacAskill.

Angelika also recorded what appeared to be a number of arguments between herself and parish priest Father Gerry Nugent, describing him in one account as "a moron".

Father Nugent, 63, claims to have had a sexual relationship with Angelika in the summer of 2005 - before the period covered by the diary.

In the diary Angelika calls Tobin "Pat" or "Patrick". Like others at St Patrick's Church the Polish student knew Tobin as Pat McLaughlin.

In one entry, dated 17 August, Angelika described how she got to know the handyman after he fixed a buzzer and was painting a bathroom.

The next day, she recounted how she "talked to Patrick" while waiting for a date with Martin MacAskill.

In other references she told how Pat offered her a scone and, on another occasion, paracetamol when she wasn't feeling well.

Mr Depczynski said: "There is no comparison. The person named Pat was never as close as Martin to Angelika.

"They are simply in a different league, I would say so."

The trial also heard other diary entries which referred to the priest.

She wrote: "I do not know why Father Gerry is angry with me".

On another occasion she described him as "drunk", while on another day she wrote: "That moron treated me like the worst thief."

Angelika also referred to other women parishioners as "the holy inquisition."

Give evidence

Defence QC Donald Findlay is due to tell the court whether or not Tobin will give evidence and whether any witnesses will appear on his behalf.

Earlier the court heard how he had chosen to make no comment on any of the charges he faced following his arrest.

Tobin was taken before a Glasgow sheriff and asked if he had any alibi, explanation, or thought anyone else might have murdered Angelika, and hidden her body under the floor of a church.

The recording of the first formal proceedings - which lasted nine minutes last October - showed Tobin repeating in answer to the questions put to him: "On the advice of my solicitor, no comment."

Judge Lord Menzies told the jury: "There is absolutely no obligation on any accused in any trial to lead evidence or give evidence on their own behalf."

Tobin, like any other accused was presumed innocent until proved guilty, added the judge, saying that Mr Findlay would probably want to consider his position overnight.

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