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Key figures in Angelika Kluk trial
A sister's grief

Aneta Kluk
Aneta Kluk, 28, described her sister as a "devout Catholic". She quizzed Tobin as she searched for her sister and was outraged at Father Nugent's claims of a sexual relationship.

Murderer with a past

Peter Tobin
Peter Tobin, 60, a handyman and loner and convicted sex offender. He battered, raped and repeatedly stabbed Angelika before dumping her beneath the church floor.

Police involvement

Det Supt David Swindle
Det Supt David Swindle of Strathclyde Police led the Angelika rape and murder investigation. He described her killing as "a horrific and very, very violent attack".

Male associates

Father Gerry Nugent
Father Gerry Nugent, 63, described in court as a drunk and a liar. He gave Angelika a room at the church and claimed they went on to have a sexual relationship.

Martin MacAskill
Martin MacAskill, 40, a married chauffeur, was having an affair with Angelika with his wife's knowledge. The Polish student recorded her love for him in her diary.

Kieran McLernan
Sheriff Kieran McLernan, 65, befriended Angelika during visits to Glasgow from his Aberdeen home. He was with her the night before she was thought to have died.

Key evidence

Carol Weston
Carol Weston, 33, a forensic scientist, who detailed to the court fingerprint and DNA evidence linking Tobin to Angelika. She said one of his prints was found on the tape used to gag her.

Matthew Spark-Egan
Matthew Spark-Egan, 37, denied any involvement in Angelika's killing during evidence. He said he heard something being dragged then something being closed while he was at St Patrick's Church.

Rebecca Dordi
Rebecca Dordi, 30, a Russian student staying at St Patrick's, told the court that Father Gerry Nugent appeared to know where Angelika's body was hidden.

Marie Devine
Marie Devine, 64, a parishioner at St Patrick's Church, said she saw Tobin and Angelika having a cup of tea together on Sunday, 24 September, at St Patrick's Church.

Pc Alan Murray
Pc Alan Murray, 37, arrested Tobin at a London hospital where he had admitted himself under a false name. In a rare light moment the court heard how he dressed as a nurse to identify Tobin.

Legal argument

Donald Findlay (Picture by Ciaran Donnelly)
Donald Findlay QC, Tobin's defence lawyer, said there was clear evidence that witnesses Matthew Spark Egan and Father Gerry Nugent were involved in Angelika's death.

Dorothy Bain QC
Dorthy Bain, advocate depute, said Tobin was guilty of "an atrocity against a defenceless young woman". She said the case against him was "powerful, compelling and overwhelming".

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