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Court told of Angelika's injuries
Dr Julie McAdam
Dr McAdam detailed the injuries found on Ms Kluk's body
A pathologist has detailed the horrific injuries suffered by Angelika Kluk as she fought to defend herself from a "sexually motivated" attack.

Dr Julie McAdam told the murder trial on Tuesday that the Polish student may have been alive when she was dumped under the floor of a Glasgow church.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard that Ms Kluk was hit over the head six times and stabbed 16 times in the chest.

Peter Tobin, 60, denies raping and murdering the 23-year-old.

Dr McAdam said Ms Kluk had been hit over the head with something heavy, fracturing her skull.

Her hands and wrists had been battered and cut as Ms Kluk - 5ft 4in tall and weighing eight stone - tried to defend herself.

Fight back

Dr McAdam, 35, said she thought it was a sexually motivated attack because of the pattern of stab wounds.

The jury heard that in spite of a broken skull and bound wrists, Ms Kluk tried to fight back as her assailant plunged a knife repeatedly into her chest.

Her attempt to shield her body led to the blade piercing right through her left wrist, the trial heard.

Dr McAdam said she could not tell how long the attack had lasted or when it happened but said the student did not die instantly.

Angelika Kluk
Ms Kluk had been stabbed 16 times in the chest

Advocate depute Dorothy Bain, prosecuting, asked the consultant pathologist if she thought Ms Kluk was alive beneath the floor boards.

Dr McAdam replied: "If deposition followed immediately after the attack, I couldn't rule that out as a possibility.

"As she lost blood she would have lost consciousness so she would have been, at least, unconscious."

When pressed by defence QC Donald Findlay, Dr McAdam said: "From a pathologist's point of view, I wouldn't be able to say.

"But I would say she was probably dead - if not, dying."

She said her opinion was based on signs that, once down the hole, Ms Kluk had not been able to move.

"The body has hit the bottom and collapsed, so, probably, she has not been able to move after that."

The area where the injuries were found would tend to suggest to a pathologist that there had been some sexual motive to this
Dr Julie McAdam
Consultant pathologist

The court was closed to the public as the jury were shown what the doctor had found during a post-mortem examination.

At one point, judge Lord Menzies questioned whether all of the photographs needed to be shown.

The 12th day of the trial saw how 10 of the stab wounds were close together in the middle of Ms Kluk's chest.

Dr McAdam said they were probably inflicted in quick succession when she might not be in a position to move.

"The area where the injuries were found would tend to suggest to a pathologist that there had been some sexual motive to this," she added.

The trial heard that the force used had cut through rib cartilage, damaged the breast bone and caused both lungs to collapse.

Bruised hands

The lining round her heart had been nicked but the heart was undamaged.

Dr McAdam said she had tried to work out from the injuries what had happened - beginning with blows to the back and side of Angelika's head.

A finger was broken and hands bruised as she instinctively put them up to her head.

"If she were not unconscious she would have been stunned," the consultant pathologist said.

"Possibly this would have given her assailant time to bind her and gag her without too much of a struggle."

St Patrick's Church
Ms Kluk's body was found under the church floor

Angelika was then attacked with a knife, Dr McAdam said.

"If unconscious she has been able to regain consciousness, or been conscious enough to try to ward off the blows with the knife and that has resulted in the defence injuries."

She said there was a "very strong possibility" that there had been a sexual motive to the attack.

It has been alleged that Mr Tobin attacked Miss Kluk, raped her, battered her and repeatedly struck her with a knife.

He has also been accused of hiding the body under the floor of the church in an attempt to defeat the ends of justice.

Mr Tobin has denied those charges and a charge of giving false personal details.

In a special defence read to the jury, Mr Tobin has admitted having sex with the Polish student, with her consent.

The trial continues.

What Dr Julia McAdam told the high court jury

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