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'Nurse' Pc found Angelika accused
Pc Alan Murray
Pc Murray dressed as a nurse to identify Mr Tobin
A policeman dressed as a male nurse to identify the man accused of raping and murdering Angelika Kluk at a Glasgow church, his trial has heard.

The High Court in Edinburgh was told that Peter Tobin, 60, was found in a London hospital under a false name.

The jury also heard from a couple who reported hearing a scream on the day the Polish student was last seen alive.

Mr Tobin is also accused of hiding the 23-year-old's body under St Patrick's church. He denies all charges.

Leigh Brown, 47, and her husband Andrew, 46, heard the scream on Sunday, 24 September through the open windows of their high-rise home overlooking the church in Anderston.

Mrs Brown told advocate depute Dorothy Bain, prosecuting, that it was a loud female scream and sounded like someone was being grabbed.

"It was loud enough to get my attention, to get me right up off the couch and go to the window," she said.

"I can still hear that horrible noise."

Hospital ward

Mr Brown said he also heard the scream at about 1400 BST.

The trial has been told that Ms Kluk was last seen by worshippers at St Patrick's that afternoon with Mr Tobin, the church's odd-job man.

Earlier, the court heard that police in Scotland contacted the Metropolitan Police to say that they were looking for Mr Tobin after Ms Kluk was reported missing.

Pc Alan Murray, 37, said he was sent to a ward in the National Neurology and Neurosurgery Hospital in Queen Square, London, on 30 September last year - the day Ms Kluk's body was removed from the church.

A patient, who had told doctors he was a pipe fitter called James Kelly, was taken to a side room and Pc Murray went to speak to him there.

Angelika Kluk portrait image
The arrest was made after Angelika's body was found

Mr Tobin allegedly greeted him with the words: "I knew you were police."

Questioned by defence QC Donald Findlay, Pc Murray revealed the reason for the words.

"That would imply he had seen you before," said the lawyer and Pc Murray agreed.

He then told the court how he had first taken a look at Mr Tobin.

The officer said: "I had nurse's stuff on as there were no civilian jackets I could put on."

The sombre proceedings were lightened by laughter as the policeman added: "Just the top half."

The trial heard that Pc Murray - in police uniform - then went back to Mr Tobin who said: "I knew you were police. I am relieved you are here."

When the policeman asked: "Are you ..." the accused interrupted and said: "Peter Tobin, you have been looking for me."

When he was cautioned by the officer, he replied: "Kent Police and Met Police are looking for me for murder. I am surrendering myself to you Pc 227EK by name of Alan."

I formed an opinion ... including the fact that the patient had been admitted under a fictitious identity that the medical complaint was fictitious as well
Dr Nick Losseff

Earlier, consultant neurologist Dr Nick Losseff, 43, described hospital tests on Mr Tobin.

He said that he handed the man over to police because he thought his symptoms were "fictitious"

The doctor said Mr Tobin made "very poor eye contact" which was unusual for a patient.

Tests failed to reveal any cause for the chest pains and weakness down the left side of his body, which Mr Tobin claimed to be suffering.

Dr Losseff added: "I formed an opinion ... including the fact that the patient had been admitted under a fictitious identity that the medical complaint was fictitious as well."

Ms Kluk had been staying at the chapel house attached to the church and working as a cleaner to help finance her language studies in Gdansk.

The murder charge alleges that Mr Tobin attacked Ms Kluk between 24 September and 29 September last year in St Patrick's Church, raped her, battered her and repeatedly struck her with a knife.

It is alleged that he then hid the body under the floor of the church in an attempt to defeat the ends of justice.

In a "special defence" read to the jury Mr Tobin admits having sex with the Polish student, with her consent.

Mr Tobin also denies further charges of giving false details to police and hospital staff and a breach of the peace.

The trial continues.

What witnesses told the court about hearing a scream

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