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Angelika 'alive' when concealed
Angelika Kluk portrait image
Angelika suffered 16 stab wounds to her chest
The Angelika Kluk murder trial has heard that the Polish student may have been alive when she was dumped under the floor of a Glasgow church.

Earlier, jurors at the High Court in Edinburgh were told that she suffered 16 stab wounds to her chest.

The court heard evidence about the 23-year-old's desperate fight against her killer.

Peter Tobin, 60, denies raping and murdering Ms Kluk and hiding her body in St Patrick's Church in Anderston.

The student had been dead for several days when her partly decomposed body was found under the floor of the church.

The court also heard that there appeared to be medical evidence of sexual activity.

Consultant pathologist Julie McAdam, 35, said she was called to the church on the night of 29 September last year after Angelika's body was found.

Given the condition she was in... I would estimate she had been dead for at least several days
Julie McAdam
Consultant pathologist

The following evening she began to examine Ms Kluk's body, which was bound, gagged and heavily blood-stained.

Before the pathologist began to give evidence, members of the public were asked to leave the court to allow photographs to be shown.

Judge Lord Menzies told them it was to preserve Ms Kluk's dignity as much as possible and warned jurors over the content of the images.

Questioned by advocate depute Dorothy Bain, prosecuting, Dr McAdam said the cause of death was "stab wounds to the chest and head injuries and occlusion of the mouth by gagging".

She said there was no sign of rigor mortis.

The pathologist told the court: "She had 16 stab wounds to her chest.

"The fact that there was no rigor, this means she had definitely been dead over 36 hours.

"However, given the condition she was in and given other findings of decomposition I would estimate she had been dead for at least several days."

Table leg

The pathologist told Ms Bain her findings were in keeping with her being dead six days earlier - on Sunday, 24 September at about 1800 BST.

The trial has heard from witnesses, who last saw Angelika that Sunday, painting a shed with Mr Tobin.

The jury was also told that a blood-stained table leg was found at the church, propped up against an outside wall.

Detectives were sent to look for a weapon with "angles" after pathologists found distinctive wounds during a post mortem.

Crime scene expert Pc David Thurley, 49, said four table legs were found around the outside of the church.

He said that small pieces of protruding wood on the legs matched a piece found in a blood-stained and paint-splattered plastic sheet which was under the church floor with Ms Kluk's body.

One of the table legs, bearing traces of paint, found near the vestry window, was shown to the court.

Computer generated graphics were shown to the jury to illustrate how Ms Kluk's body could have been dropped down below the church floor.

St Patrick's Church
A blood-stained table leg was found resting against a wall

The video showed legs dangling through the floor, then a body slumping onto the ground beneath - ending up with legs buckled under the body and the bound hands falling over to the right.

Pc Thurley said he thought the plastic had been used as "a funnel."

He said: "There was no evidence to suggest she came from anywhere else but down the hole."

The officer said police also believed it was likely Angelika had been attacked in a garage which was part of the church complex.

However, no trace of blood could be found along the likely route between garage and the hole in the floor, by the priest's confessional.

It has been alleged that Mr Tobin attacked Miss Kluk, raped her, battered her and repeatedly struck her with a knife.

He has also been accused of hiding the body under the floor of the church in an attempt to defeat the ends of justice.

Mr Tobin has denied those charges and a charge of giving false personal details.

In a special defence read to the jury, Mr Tobin has admitted having sex with the Polish student, with her consent.

The trial continues.

What Dr Julie McAdam told the High Court jury

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