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Angelika 'spotted with accused'
Angelika Kluk
Angelika's body was found at St Patrick's Church in Glasgow
A parishioner at the church where Angelika Kluk's body was found has said she saw the Polish student with the man accused of her murder.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard that Marie Devine worked at St Patrick's Church, Anderston, Glasgow.

Mrs Devine, of the Anderston area, said she had seen Angelika with handyman Peter Tobin, 60.

Mr Tobin denies murdering and raping Angelika at some time between 24 and 29 September, 2006.

Mrs Devine, 64, told the court that when she next saw Mr Tobin he was alone and had changed his clothes.

She told how she and her friends stayed behind after midday mass on Sunday 24 September to hear Father Gerry Nugent tell them about a donation to the church.

He didn't have his overalls, put it that way. They had been removed
Marie Devine

As she left to go home, she said she saw Angelika and Mr Tobin, who she knew as Pat McLaughlin, together.

Mrs Devine said: "Angela and Pat were sat in the kitchen." Asked what they were doing, she said: "Having a cup of tea or coffee."

She said she could not remember what the student was wearing, apart from the fact that it was a top and trousers, but "Pat" was wearing blue overalls.

Upon returning to the church later that day, Mrs Devine again encountered Mr Tobin.

When asked in court what he was wearing, Mrs Devine said: "I cannot remember that. He didn't have his overalls, put it that way. They had been removed."

The trial heard earlier that Angelika had sent a text message to married lover Martin Macaskill about 1430 GMT on Sunday.

Mr Macaskill said that later that day she did not reply to phone messages or texts.

The previous day, Saturday, Angelika and Mr Tobin had been in the garage of the church complex, painting a shed.

Repeatedly struck

The court heard that on Monday morning the painted shed was in the church garden but still needed a window and door to be fixed.

Mrs Devine said that when Mr Tobin was asked about the work, he said: "My apprentice hasn't turned up today."

She had earlier told the court that Mr Tobin had been aware of the floor hatch under which Angelika was eventually found.

It has been alleged that Mr Tobin attacked Angelika, raped her, battered her and repeatedly struck her with a knife.

It has been further alleged that he then hid the body under the floor of the church in an attempt to defeat the ends of justice.

A further charge, which Mr Tobin also denies, alleged that he told Strathclyde Police his name was Patrick McLaughlin, gave a false date of birth and address, and travelled to London and gave staff at the National Neurology and Neurosurgery Hospital in Queen's Square, London, another false name.

In a special defence read to the jury, Mr Tobin has admitted having sex with the Polish student, with her consent.

The trial continues.

The latest details from the High Court in Glasgow

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