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Local protest over peace campers
Protesting residents
Local people are objecting to delays caused by peace campaigners
About 100 residents angry at disruption caused by the peace camp at Faslane are staging their own demonstration outside the naval base.

The protest march's organisers said that many local people were unhappy about the disruption caused to roads in the area by anti-Trident protesters.

They said many people were prevented from going to work by road blockages and other demonstrations.

The anti-Trident protesters said they were trying to minimise disruption.

Faslane naval base, which houses the UK's Trident nuclear deterrent, has been the focus of numerous protests over the years.

What the peace people don't realise is that when they block the A814 they totally cut off the community
Ian Todd
Protesting resident

The Faslane 365 campaign, a year long demonstration, started in October last year and has seen groups travel from across the world to protest.

Protesting resident, Ian Todd, told the BBC's Good Morning Scotland programme: "We've put up with the peace camp silently for many years now.

"There's not a problem with the peace camp but over the last six months we've had the roads blocked, kids not getting to school, doctors not getting to surgeries, carers not getting to the elderly.

"What the peace people don't realise is that when they block the A814 they totally cut off the community.

"We're not against the peace protesters themselves, all we are against is their actions on blocking the road.

"We are pleading with them to please stay off the road and let our kids get an education and give us back our lives."

Faslane traffic

Jane Tallents, from Faslane 365, said: "We've got a great deal of sympathy for local people and we are very aware of the disruption that we cause.

"We feel that if these horrible, immoral weapons are here we have to come and put our bodies in the road and do what we can personally to try to stop them.

"We'd prefer to be at the gateway as we only want to hold up the traffic going into the base but because of the way it's policed often that does cause disruption to local people.

"But we are constantly trying to find ways to minimise that."

First Minister Jack McConnell was invited to the event.

Faslane is the headquarters of the Royal Navy in Scotland but is best known as the home of the United Kingdom's strategic nuclear deterrent submarine force.

Locals march against the Faslane demonstartors

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