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Victim's sister 'quizzed accused'
Aneta Kluk
Angelika's sister arrives at Edinburgh High Court
The trial of a handyman accused of murdering Angelika Kluk in Glasgow has heard how the Polish student's sister quizzed him over her disappearance.

The meeting came as Ms Kluk's sister Aneta and the victim's married lover Martin Macaskill searched for her.

Peter Tobin, 60, has denied charges of raping and murdering Angelika, 23, and trying to hide her body at a church.

Aneta, 28, was giving evidence at the High Court in Edinburgh on the second day of the trial.

The court heard how she went, with Mr Macaskill, to St Patrick's Church in Anderston where her sister had been staying in the attached chapel house.

They found Angelika's purse, return ticket to Poland and a last diary entry on her laptop computer, expressing her love for Mr Macaskill.

The church handyman, who said his name was Pat McLaughlin, was "smiling and helpful" when police arrived on the scene later, the trial heard.

Devout Catholic

However, Aneta said priest Father Gerry Nugent, who was described in court as an alcoholic, did not lift a finger to help.

When asked by advocate depute Dorothy Bain, prosecuting, if the man she knew as Mr McLaughlin was in court, Aneta pointed to Mr Tobin in the dock.

She told the trial that she was living in Glasgow and working as a secretary when her sister began to spend summer vacations in Scotland.

Aneta described her sister as a good student and devout Catholic.

She told the court of her shock when she discovered Angelika was having an affair with Mr Macaskill - a married man in his 40s.

"She was worth much more than that," she said.

She said the last time she saw her sister was on Thursday, 21 September last year.

Aneta began to worry when Angelika did not respond to her attempts to contact her on her mobile phone.

Angelika Kluk
The court heard of Angelika's affair with a married man

She told the jury how Mr Macaskill turned up at her Glasgow flat, worried that he had not seen or heard from her.

On Monday, 25 September they went together to St Patrick's Church to look in Angelika's room.

While there they spoke to "Pat McLaughlin".

"He was hanging about at that time and padding up and down the floor," Aneta said.

"I asked him where was Angelika when he saw her."

"McLaughlin" told her Angelika had been in the garden but he could not remember when.

"He did not indicate clearly what she was wearing," Aneta added.

She asked him whether her sister had stayed in the garden or left the church grounds.

"He said that she had been helping him out," Aneta said.

"Something about a shed. I don't know. Possibly painting."

The court heard that they were joined by Mr Macaskill's wife, Anne.

They contacted the police who questioned those present, including the chapel handyman.

"I think they said he was the last one to see her," Aneta said.

Sniffer dogs

When police left, only to return later with sniffer dogs, Aneta and Mr Macaskill searched the church grounds by the light of his mobile phone.

They also tried that night to get into Angelika's room again but found the door locked.

Mrs Macaskill opened it by pushing the key from the lock on the inside of the door onto a sheet of paper and pulling it through.

Aneta visited the offices where she worked as a cleaner and handed out pictures to passers-by.

Police launched a media appeal but nothing was heard until a body was discovered under the church floor, near the confessional, on 29 September.

St Patrick's Church
Ms Kluk's body was found at St Patrick's Church in Glasgow

Aneta was shown her sister's earrings and a ring to identify her.

Defence QC Donald Findlay said: "When this young girl who has been staying in Father Nugent's chapel house, who has been staying with him, on a number of occasions, has apparently disappeared, people are upset, worried, alarmed, and he lifts not a finger to help, have I got that right?"

Aneta told him: "Yes"

The murder charge against Mr Tobin alleges that between 24 and 29 September of last year at the church in William Street, he raped Angelika, battered her with a piece of wood or something similar and repeatedly struck her with a knife.

It has been alleged that he then hid the body under the floor of the church in an attempt to defeat the ends of justice.

In a "special defence" Mr Tobin has admitted having sex with the Polish student, with her consent.

He has been accused of further offences of giving a false name and a breach of the peace.

The trial continues.

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