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Bus driver's oven delivery detour
A cooker and chest of drawers on a bus (picture by Margaret Dymond)
A cooker sits in the space reserved for prams on the bus
A bus driver took passengers on a detour to deliver and unload a cooker and a chest of drawers for friends.

The items were loaded into the space reserved for prams on the Glasgow to Wishaw service run by Coakley buses.

Passenger Margaret Dymond, 28, said she was stunned and took pictures of the goods which were unloaded during a 10-minute detour in Motherwell.

Bus firm owner Eddie Coakley said the Polish bus driver had been given a warning and lost his bonus.

"It shouldn't have happened," Mr Coakley said.

"We brought in an interpreter who spoke to the Polish driver and explained that his behaviour was not acceptable."

The driver made the detour at about 1000 GMT on Monday.

Ms Dymond, a mother-of-four, from Viewpark, Lanarkshire, captured the scene on her mobile phone.

"There was a couple on the bus with a pushchair and a young child and they were having a job getting past," she said.

"That was bad enough but I was stunned when the driver took a right turn off the route and actually took them right to the door of the flat."

A passenger describes the incident

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