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Mains water flows to isle school
Lismore (picture from Undiscovered Scotland)
The community in Lismore has been using island sources
Children at an island school are to taste mains water for the first time.

The school on Lismore, Argyll, had depended on a private supply from a burn which council health inspectors said was no longer up to standard.

A 1m scheme, funded by the Scottish Executive, will see the installation of the mains supply via a pipeline on the seabed across Loch Linnhe.

The project has split the community of fewer than 200 people, with some claiming it is a waste of money.

There is currently no mains water supply on the islands.

The community has tanks and takes its supply from burns, lochs or boreholes

The primary school qualified for an executive project to connect remote and rural schools to mains water supplies to protect children's health.

'Very basic'

Jason Rose, of Scottish Water, said: "The current private water supply the children in Lismore get is unsatisfactory, so by piping over mains water from the mainland we are improving their health.

"The current supply at the primary school in Lismore is very, very basic and has been known to dry up.

"By piping water over from the mainland, we are not only protecting the children's health, we are sending a very positive message about remote and rural communities."

The project has divided the island community.


Mark Willis, of Lismore Community Council, said: "They can put in a filtration system cheaper.

"They could do with what they've got, they don't need a new supply."

Julian Wormleighton, who runs the community hall, added: "It does seem a rather lot of money.

"Much depends on whether Scottish Water lay a second pipe designed to provide water to other consumers on the island at the same time.

"I would've expected that would make a significant difference to their attitude."

The pipe under Loch Linnhe has been laid.

Work will now start on laying about 6.2 miles (10km) of pipes across Lismore.

Islanders' views on the 1m project

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