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Police dogs prepare to give blood
Police dog and handler
The dogs will be ready to give blood at short notice
Scotland's police dogs have been registered to give blood to help tackle a national shortage.

Officers at the Scottish Police Dog Training Centre in Glasgow have gathered a pool of the animals available for donation at short notice.

The 150 German Shepherds, Labradors and Cocker and Springer Spaniels will provide supplies to vets.

At present, dog blood can not be stored for long periods of time and surgeries struggle to find donors in emergencies.

Inspector Alan Davies, from the police dog centre, said: "Unless you have or work with dogs you do not think about them needing blood transfusions and take for granted, sometimes like humans, that blood will be available.

"We would expect our dogs to get blood if they needed it so it is only proper that we give something back.

Save lives

"With the resources the forces have, it was a simple and obvious way of helping out and hopefully it will lead to the saving of many animal lives."

Pet owners are also being urged to get in on the scheme to ensure that ill dogs in need of blood can be treated.

Bill Kennedy, of Taylor Vets in Glasgow, is backing the initiative.

He said: "We urgently need more donors and due to the shortage of dog blood available, we often have to rely on family, friends or colleagues to bring in their dogs.

"A transfusion can save lives and we are grateful that the Scottish police forces have allowed their dogs to become blood donors."

Is your dog among those in need of a blood donor? Would you consider allowing your dog to donate blood?

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Police dogs become blood donors
24 Jan 07 |  Tayside and Central

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