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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 February 2007, 12:59 GMT
Lawyer banned from legal aid work
Legal document
An investigation followed a story in the Daily Record
A law firm which earned more than 400,000 in legal aid last year has been barred from further work in the field, officials have said.

The move follows an investigation into the firm, Robert Taylor Solicitors of Bath Street in Glasgow.

The Scottish Legal Aid Board said it had removed the firm from its register of criminal legal aid lawyers.

"The firm and solicitor cannot provide criminal legal aid or criminal advice and assistance," said the board.

Last year the firm's legal aid earnings totalled 409,300.

In November last year, the Daily Record reported heroin users were paid in 5 notes to sign legal aid documents.

Addicts were also said to have been paid to bring in new clients to sign forms.

The legal aid board said: "The removal follows an investigation by the board into information provided by the Daily Record about the solicitor Robert Taylor.

"We thank the Record for bringing this to our attention."

The firm's office in Bath Street is believed to have closed and its listed phone number was unobtainable.

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