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TV ad's 'paint flats' demolished
The flats as they appeared in the advert and under demolition
The flats, which once exploded into colour, have been demolished
A block of Glasgow flats which explodes into colour in a television advert has been demolished.

The high-rise flats in Queen's Court, Toryglen, were destroyed by a controlled explosion on Sunday morning.

The flats are currently being featured on TV to advertise Sony's high-definition Bravia LCD television.

In the advert, 70,000 litres of environmentally-friendly paint are blasted across the flats using fireworks, creating paint explosions.

The 132 flats, which were built in 1968, were demolished as part of Glasgow Housing Association's regeneration plans.

It took less than 10 seconds to reduce the 23 storeys to rubble.

The block's former tenants include Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill from Simple Minds and Janis Hughes, Labour MSP for Rutherglen.

I lived on the fifth floor and Jim Kerr lived on the 11th
Janis Hughes
Rutherglen MSP

"I have great memories of living here and it was a really great place to grow up," Ms Hughes said.

The MSP said she moved to the flats in the late 60s at the age of nine.

"I lived on the fifth floor and Jim Kerr lived on the 11th," she said.

"He wasn't famous then. He was just someone we played with.

"It was very sad watching the building coming down but I know it's for a good reason.

"I hope that in future people will be able to live here and have the same kind of memories as I have."

The multi-million pound worldwide television campaign took 10 days to film and involved 250 people.

A pile of rubble is all that is left of the Toryglen flats

It was directed by award-winning director Jonathan Glazer, whose credits include the film Sexy Beast.

He has also directed videos for bands such as Jamiroquai, Massive Attack and Radiohead and some of the most memorable ads for Guinness and Stella Artois.

The paint, which was non-toxic and safe enough to drink, had to be delivered in huge trucks and mixed on site by 20 people.

The clean-up took five days and involved 60 people.

Margaret Brittain, of Orchard Grove Housing Association, said: "We felt like allowing a company like Sony to come in and bring a lot of colour to the estate and create a lot of interest, would really put Toryglen on the map.

"It certainly has put it on the map because people worldwide are contacting us to tell us that they've seen the advert."

See the flats being reduced to rubble

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