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Last Updated: Friday, 19 January 2007, 11:23 GMT
Maglev could slash journey times
The high-speed Maglev system is in use in Shanghai, China
A high-tech magnetic rail system could reduce journey times between Scotland's two largest cities to eight minutes, Tory deputy leader Murdo Fraser said.

The Conservatives are looking at the possibility of a Maglev rail service between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Maglev systems use electromagnetic force to suspend trains, which can travel at up to 280 miles per hour, above a monorail.

There is only one commercial Maglev in the world, in Shanghai, China.

Mr Fraser said the Tories were examining the option.

He said: "Whilst this would be a significant capital outlay, it would reduce the usage of and the congestion on the M8, and most importantly could reduce journey time from Edinburgh to Glasgow to a mere eight minutes.

"If the long-term benefits of this project are clear, we will not hesitate in building one of the most advanced rail links anywhere in the world."

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