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OAP stiletto heel attacker jailed
High Court in Glasgow
Christie was jailed at the High Court for the vicious attack
A woman who jumped on a 70-year-old man's head with her stiletto heels during an unprovoked attack has been jailed for six years.

Liza Christie, 25, also strangled James Gilmour with his jumper and hit him with a vodka bottle.

Christie then locked the door of his Glasgow home behind her, leaving Mr Gilmour in a pool of blood.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that Christie was caught minutes later when she ran in front of a police van.

Mr Gilmour, who lost six pints of blood, had potentially life threatening injuries.

Coughing blood

The court was told he lost consciousness after the first blow and woke up hours later in hospital with broken bones in his face and a massive wound on his forehead.

Christie, who worked as a prostitute in Glasgow, later told police: "He stopped moving. I pulled him back by the jumper. I jumped on his head.

"There was blood everywhere all over the yellow sofa. I just kept whacking him in the face."

Christie added that while she was choking Mr Gilmour he was coughing up blood and biting his tongue.

Christie admitted assaulting Mr Gilmour in his Gallowate flat on 14 March to his severe injury, permanent disfigurement and to the danger of his life.

The court was told that Christie, who had never met Mr Gilmour before, went to his flat along with a friend for a drink.

The attack happened when they were alone in the flat and she saw him putting 80 in his trouser pocket.

Christie has 31 previous convictions including carrying a knife and assault.

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