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Airport 'hero' injured in attack
Michael Kerr
Michael Kerr broke his leg in the attack
A father who tackled a terror suspect during the Glasgow Airport attack has told how he was left with a broken leg.

Michael Kerr was returning from a family holiday when he heard the revving engine of the Jeep Cherokee.

He stepped in as the suspect attacked a policeman. Mr Kerr, 40, was punched in the face, lost several teeth and injured his leg as he fell.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown and First Minister Alex Salmond have praised the public's reaction to the attack.

Mr Kerr is among a number of bystanders branded heroes after the blazing vehicle packed with gas canisters was driven into the front of the airport's Terminal One.

Baggage handler John Smeaton has been praised for helping police restrain a suspect while taxi driver Alex McIlveen also stepped in.

Mr Kerr had been on holiday to Menorca with his wife Annette, 35, and their two-year-old twins.

I tried my best to get the guy. I tried punching and kicking him
Michael Kerr

The heating engineer was putting luggage in a car when the Jeep Cherokee was driven at speed into the terminal building.

He said his first instinct was to try to help.

"I had just put the suitcases into my car and the first thing that caught my attention was the revving of the car," he said.

"The car was up on two wheels. The front two wheels were off the ground and the car was getting revved up really loud.

"I looked over and saw that in the front were two men in the car.

"One of the guys came out the car and went for the police officer. I just ran over to help the police officer.

"I tried my best to get the guy. I tried punching and kicking him but he punched me and I fell back and broke my leg."

Mr Kerr underwent surgery on Saturday and now has a pin holding the broken bones together.

Mr Salmond has confirmed that the emergency services and members of the public who responded to the attack will be honoured.

Police have urged anyone with information to phone the confidential Anti-Terrorism hotline number on 0800789321.

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Michael Kerr on Saturday's attempted bomb attacks

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